Being Creative!

     At the beginning of the year I wrote a post on being creative.  This was my first post I wrote on this blog.  I said that I could be creative by posting a video of myself dancing.  I still agree with that but I have realized now that I could also write reports about my dancing.  The internet helps me in being creative by letting me express myself  by posting things that have my opinion in it.  The other good thing about the internet is there are screen names so people will not know it is your opinion, but you canstill get it out into the world.  If I was writing to a teacher, I still would spend a little more time looking at my grammar and spelling.  I also would not abbreviate anything.  This is how I have changed over the year with my writing  and my opinion on being creative.

My Blog!

     On my blog there are fifteen posts (counting this one) and one page.  The posts are either for school or for the blogging challenge.  I also have 39 approved comments; 34 other students, 2 visitors, and 3 teachers.  My post that got the most comments was called The Emerald Fire.  It was a post I did for school pretending to be an author who is trying to sell their book.  I wrote the first paragraph of the book , too.  I am glad everyone liked it because it is my favorite, too.  I have never changed my theme on my blog.   I like this one because it isn’t too dark and the bird makes me feel happy and lively.  I have 8 widgets, too.  I like them and I think I just have enough.

     After I did that I had my friend, danceanddrama911, thought about my blog.  Her first imprecision on my blog was that it was well organised and all the links.  The thing on my blog that caught dannceanddrama911’s attention first was my avatar.  How my avatar’s bight colors popped out against the light color of my blog theme.  The thing that distracted her the most on my blog was the map.  She thought it was cool to see where the vistiers of my blog live.  Lastly the conept danceanddrama911 said I could improve on was I could add more color to my blog.  This is what danceanddrama911 and I think of my blog.  I hope you have enjoyed the posts I have done for the blogging challenge because I know I have enjoyed doing it.

The Giver Rule Debate!

In Language Art’s class, we have been reading the book, The Giver.  It is a book about a boy who lives in a society with a lot of rules and not many choices.  Most of the choices are made for the people.  For Language Art’s Class we did a project on one of the rules in the book and turned it into a debate.  My partner was love2dance3.  For our project, we did  the rule that every night after dinner, you have to share your feelings with your family.  Here is the movie we made on

This video can also be found at

Teens and Their Cell Phones

      In these infographics it shows how, what, and how much kids from the ages 12 to 17 use their cell phones.  It shows that as kids get older they start texting more and also start talking on the phone more.  I also learned that girls text more than boys and most kids use their phones to take pictures.  The infographic, also,  shows the Parental Controls.

     In my opinion, this infographic was very interesting and told me a lot about how some kids are using cell phones.  One thing that I was incrediblysurprised about was that girls text more than boys.  I was also surprised at finding out that phones are mostly usedor taking pictures.

     I fit into this information because I do text.  I don’t text that much or at least as  much as the infographics showed and  also don’t go on the internet at all on my phone or play games or music.  Most of my friends are the same as I am with phone habits, but  I do have a few friends with no phones at all.  This is how I relate to the infographic and  my opinions  on it.  You can find this infographic at and this was my post for challenge 9 in the edublog challenge. You can fing the challenge at


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On the Banks of Plum Creek

     In the book, On the Banks of Plum Creek  by Laura Ingalls Wilder, there is a girl named Laura.  She is seven years old and  she has a Ma, Pa, big sister, Mary, and a little sister, Carrie.  They live in the 1800’s and move around a lot.  First they lived in the woods, then the prairie, and now in Plum Creek.  Laura loves it there.  She loves to run around on the long green grass and go swimming in the cold water in the creek.  Laura has the best time there, until she finds out she has to go to school.

     One of the conflicts Laura faces is that her mom gives aways her favorite doll to the neighbor’s little girl named Anna.  Laura thinks the little girl is evil because she ripped one of her paper dolls in half.  Now Laura has to find a way to fix it in a mature way.  One other conflict she has is that when she goes to school she meets a girl named Nellie.  Nellie’s dad owns a store, so she has a lot of money.  Read the book to find out how Laura deals with theses problems.

     One thing that I have in common with Laura is that she likes to have a good time by doing the simplest things.  Just like me!  For example, she can run around and never get bored and I can walk around a store and never get bored just looking at things.  One of the differences between Laura and I is that she likes to travel and move.  I am one of those people who likes to stay in one place at a time.

     Laura doesn’t change very much throughout the book,  but she did get more responsible towards the end of the book.  She also learned how to make better choices.  She also learned more about having friends because this is the first place she has lived that she has gone to school and met other people.  If you would like to know more about Laura, read the book! =-)


This is a picture a creek.  This photo is from Flickr by K. W. Sanders at


This is a picture of a wooden house like the on they live in in the book.  This photo is from Flickr by seriykotik1970 at


     Music is one of my favorite things.  I love how you can hear an up-beat song and be happy and a slow song can make you sad, or it can be the other way around.  I also love how you can say all your feelings in a song.  Music can be like a journal or a diary.   That is why I enjoy music.

Here is a Haiku I wrote,

Music has a beat

The music vibrates loudly

But still soft and sweet

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Earth Day!

     Earth Day is like a birthday for the earth!  Every April 22 we celebrate the earth.  Earth day started in San Francisco in 1970.  Did you know that Earth Day is celebrated all over the world?  Over 100 countries participate in it.   At my school in my Langage Arts class we didn’t use any new paper and at our school we had to wear green for Earth Day.  That is what Earth Day means and what I did for it this year.

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My Spring Break!

     This spring break I went to Oahu, Hawaii, with my family.  I had a blast.  We went to the beach where the water was really warm and one of the prettiest light blues I have ever seen.  I love feeling the cool sandy floor of the ocean on my feet and the warm water up against me.  There was also a pool at the house we stayed at.  We didn’t go swimming and to the beach everyday.  Some of the days we just went wondering around and saw tide pools, went on hikes, and saw historical landmarks.  We took a hike through the rain forest, which brought us to one of the most beautiful water falls I have ever seen, not that I have ever seen an ugly waterfall. 

     Hawaii has some very interesting facts.  For example, I bet you didn’t know that the state fish there are a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a and a trigger fish.  They also have a state flower which is a Native Yellow Hibiscus.  In Hawaii they have many more objects to represent their state, too, but I chose these because I saw them on my vacation.  One other fact I found out while I was there was that it came to the union on August 21, 1959 as the 50th state.  Its original name was Owhyhee.

     The climate on Oahu is very weird.  For example, on one side of the island it could be warm and sunny and on the other side it could be raining, but it is mostly never cold.  This makes people there dress in shorts and t-shirts most of the time.  This weather has something to do with its location.  Hawaii is placed right  by the equator.  I think the weather has a really big influence on their culture.  The two languages they speak are Hawaiian and English.  The population on Oahu is 905,034.  As you can see Hawaii is a nice place with a nice culture and amount a people living there.  I can’t wait to go back there!

This is a picture of a trigger fish from by Nemo’s great uncle


This is a picture of a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a fish from by  bhollar

What My Family and I Do To Help the Environment!

     My family and I help the environment in many ways.  One of those many things that we do is that at the store instead of using plastic bags we use reusable bags.  Another way is that my family and I recycle cans and bottles.  We also have solar panels on our roof.  These are just a few ways that my family helps the environment.

tree heart

tree heart

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The Emerald Fire

     Hi I’m ______ ________ the author of the new book The Emerald Fire and here is the first part of the book,


 The Emerald Fire

    One dark Saturday night, I was walking down the street and suddenly a house went up into flames.  From down the street I thought it was just a bon fire that some kids started, but as I strode closer I knew it wasn’t normal.  It kept getting bigger and bigger.  When I got only a few feet away I realized that it was bigger than me.  I tried to run but my feet were glued to the ground and my eyes were attached to the fire.  For the sake of my life, I broke out of my trance and began to run, but then I tripped and all was dark.  I could hear the sirens and my mother calling my name, “Jessie! Jessie!” I felt  the sharp pain of my flesh burning.  Then it went black.  Pitch black.

Here is why you should buy this book.